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what we do

Gradient X App Icon

Gradient Xtra

Add colorful gradients

to your photos.

Game of Death App Icon

Game of Death

Nunchaku Ping Pong

for your pocket.

WAVE App Icon


Make music without

touching your phone.

Gyro Skate App Icon

Gyro Skate

The first app that turns your

phone into a skateboard.

GUGU App Icon


Record reactions and save

moments of the ones you love.

Pinkus App Icon


Train your brain,

remember numbers.

SWEET App Icon


Create art with

sugar particles.

Juggle Ball App Icon

Juggle Ball

Become football

juggle champion.

who we are

We are Edi and Dominik.

Together, we've been working on this Ā»app thingĀ« since 2012. We've known each other for a very long time, but it took us a while to go from playing to working together. One of us is a software developer and the other one works in advertising and design. So, we came up with the plan of building an app together. We gave it a try and started with a simple game and were pleased with the result. Then we built another one. As of now, we have built quite a few apps that we're proud of. Our goal is to create innovative apps that allow you to get more out of a mobile phone. But what is most important: they should be fun to use.

We are mainly concentrated on iOS apps.

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2015 - EDO - Dominik Straka & Eduard Held - Bruckgasse 4 - 83512 Wasserburg am Inn - +49 8071 4793